The Talk

Be someone a child can turn to.

It’s okay and simple to talk about it. Try saying:

  • “I want to talk to you about your body and staying safe.”
  • “The body parts under your underwear and togs are your private parts and not for anyone else to touch.”
  • “Unsafe touching is when someone tries to touch your private parts in a way that makes you feel sad or mad.”
  • “If someone has touched you in a way you don’t like, it’s not your fault.”
  • “A secret like what my birthday present is, is a good secret. Bad secrets are the ones that make you feel sad or mad.”
  • “You’ve got an alarm bell inside you. If it goes off because someone is doing or saying something you don’t like – come and tell me or another caring adult, okay?”

Use correct names for body parts.

It gets easier after the first time!