Support Services

There are a number of local and national services that can help if you are concerned about the wellbeing of a child or someone else needs help.

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If someone is in immediate danger or unsafe right now:

  • NZ Police Emergency 111, Tel. (06) 8690200
  • Child Youth & Family Freephone 0508 326 459

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Local Support for Children & Young People:

  • Te Ora Hou – Trained youth workers, qualified counsellors and volunteer mentors provide a range of out-of-school programmes, mentoring and support services for children and young people. Phone 867 3634 or email Jason or Meredith: | Office: Alfred Cox Skate Park, Grey St. 
  • Footsteps to Feeling Safe – A special programme free for tamariki 5-12 years who have witnessed or experienced violence and whose self esteem and personal development need building up. Phone 869 1344 or email
  • Wellstop – Support and therapy to address concerning sexualised behaviour of children and young people. (06) 8670145 /
  • Tairāwhiti Professional Counsellors (Zoe Alford, Kandyce Bevan & Nicola Carrol)- Qualified private counsellors and therapists. Website:
  • Oasis Counselling – Qualified private counsellors. Website:

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Local Support for Adults:

  • Tauawhi Tairāwhiti Mens Centre – counselling and support for men and their families. Tel. (06) 8688278 / Email:
  • Bruce Montgomery – Counselling for men – Tel. 0212778480
  • Gisborne Rape Crisis Whānau Ahuru Mowai – Free service for women and children who are recovering from the effects of rape and sexual abuse. Tel. (06) 8679967
  • Ken Clearwater – Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust (Christchurch)
  • Tairāwhiti Professional Counsellors (Zoe Alford, Kandyce Bevan & Nicola Carrol)- Qualified private counsellors and therapists. Website:
  • Sexual Abuse Counsellors (ACC Registered): Elizabeth Florance: Tel. (06) 868 4168 & Una Tuhura: Tel. (06) 864 4168
  • Barnados Family Support: Free whanau and parenting support for families under stress. Phone Tui 869 1345
  • Barnados Parenting Workshops: A choice of free workshops held over 8 weeks for Parents and Caregivers. Examples of topics are Teenagers’ Needs, Child Development, Discipline, Communication. Phone Wendy 869 1344
  • Personal Growth for Women: A free course of learning and support for women to help develop safe, healthy and respectful ways to communicate needs and manage their anger. For 6 weeks. Wednesday mornings. Topics include Monitoring Stress, Building self esteem, Resolving conflict positively. Phone Wendy 869 1344
  • Whanau Resource Worker: Supports whanau who witness Family Violence and works in the community to raise public awareness of the effects of Family Violence, helps with Community events all aimed at reducing violence in our community. Provides anger management and counselling for youth in need. Phone Tania 869 1347
  • Strengthening Families: The SF Coordinator works with a range of agencies to identify the children, young people and their families needing support, and to help coordinate and deliver appropriate services. The process encourages government and community agencies to work together to deliver services to help empower families with children or young people at risk. Phone Elaine 986 0281

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Local Support for Communities:

  • Tairawhiti Abuse Intervention Network (TAIN): The T.A.I.N Network is comprised of an extensive cross-sector network of government and non-government agencies which meets monthly to share information about services; identify family violence trends and patterns; identify and discuss family violence issues; share resources; provide mutual support; raise the profile of available services; promote services and events; liaise between NGO’s and government agencies and improve access to services.  Phone Shannon Matenga on 027 489 2181 or 869 0227, Email:
  • Peace Out EastWhanau Ora funded project of family violence intervention creating a “culture of care” in Te Tairawhiti for whanau and the community. Phone: Wahine Navigator: Dale Ferris  – Tane Navigator: Chris Semmens  – Community Connector Navigator: Ora Te Hau  – Project Leader: Tim Marshall

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Help Lines: 

  • Family Violence Information Line: 0800 456 450
  • Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111
  • Youthline: 0800 376 633 or Free text to 234 or email:
    or via their website

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Internet Resources: