This little website is to help whānau who want to keep their kids safe.

We have tips for caregivers who need to know a bit more about where their children are, and for caregivers who know they need to have ‘the talk’ with their child about keeping themselves safe, but are not sure where to start.

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If you have a question, correct or comment about something on this site, please email us: tairawhiti@teorahou.org.nz or phone the Te Ora Hou office (06) 8673634.

If you need to talk to someone about child abuse, safety issues or other concerns, please contact one of these services.

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In mid-2012 Te Ora Hou Te Tairāwhiti Trust was approached by staff from the SKIP initiative in the Ministry of Social Development to develop locally specific communication resources aimed at helping reduce sexual offending against Tairāwhiti children.

The Te Ora Hou project Kaitiaki: Protecting Our Treasures from Sexual Violence Project focused on the fact that most children who are abused are victims of someone within or close to the family. We wanted to focus on making sure sexual violence and abuse could be talked about in constructive and thoughtful ways by children and their caregivers.

For phase one of the project Te Ora Hou contracted a researcher to carry out interviews and a review of resources relating to the attitudes of parents and caregivers to sexual abuse. The research report explored the beliefs, attitudes and awareness of parents and caregivers in Tairāwhiti to sexual violence perpetrated against children. It also looked at self-reported parenting practices and beliefs impacting the safety of children. This research has provided some basis for developing resources that contribute to community education and the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

Kaitiaki: Protecting Our Treasures from Sexual Violence Project dovetails with other Te Ora Hou work most importantly a community development project in Gisborne known as Tiakina ō Tātou Tamariki. The Kaiti South initiative is supported with funding from the Todd Foundation and Department of Internal Affairs. The project aims to help Kaiti residents become more self-reliant and less dependent on agencies. Te Ora Hou is working with residents to build trust and care through strengthening connections between residents, providing regular opportunities to get to know one another, volunteer, get involved in community gardens, neighbourhood consultation, revitalisation of London St Reserve, and local art projects.

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Kaitiaki is a project of Te Ora Hou Te Tairāwhiti Trust